‘Flexible’ tablet computer

Flexible computer

While many grey nomads are happy to use a computer to get the latest news and to check their stocks and shares, there are still some travellers who miss the look and feel of a real paper publica­tion.

Fear not! Recent technological advances mean news-hungry grey nomads could soon have the best of both worlds … the immediacy and convenience of electronic news combined with the familiarity of an ink-on-pa­per-like screen.

The era of the rollable, foldable tablet com­puter is all but upon us. Major improvements in electronic paper, or e-paper, mean that a new breed of tablets could have a flexible feel, lightning fast content change capability, and an authentic ink-on-paper look.

Unlike most tablets, which are manufactured with rigid glass, this new e-paper is made of plastic. This makes it flexible and thin enough to roll up.

E-paper is said to be better than the current tablet displays because it does not emit light like a TV but instead shares paper’s reflective qualities. It means it does not require constant power to be read and so it can have a lighter battery. In other good news for grey nomads, particularly those who like to sit outside their van to read, e-paper has mini­mal glare so it can be read in sunlight. It is also less tiring for the eyes.

Scientists have recently de­vised a new kind of e-paper that can switch the images it displays every 15 millisec­onds, which is comparable with video rates of speed. Re­searchers are now working on developing a colour version of the e-paper. Whatever next!


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