Furbo (pet dispenser)

Furbo fore pet loving grey nomads

However much grey nomads travelling with dogs love their beloved pooches, there will always be a time when circumstances dictate they are separated … if only for a few minutes or a few of hours.

There will be that ‘must-see’ destination within the boundaries of a no-pets-allowed national park, or a Happy Hour invite from campers who have their own ‘territorial’ dog, or even the times when a solo traveller simply has to go to the amenities block.

Leaving a fur baby behind in the van or in the motorhome or in the annexe can be a traumatic time for a traveller who may suffer separation anxiety. Is Rover okay? Is he behaving himself? How can I reward him for being a good boy?

Pet-loving grey nomads of the world, it is time to start celebrating. The Furbo is here! This ingenious device will allow you to be separated from your dog and still remotely see, hear, talk to, and feed the cutest little doggie in the world! Furbo enables owners to see what their dog is up to via a 120-degree 720p camera, which is fitted out with 4X zoom and night vision. The machine will allow you to record videos and take photos. There is also two-way audio, allowing you to hear whether your dog is barking, snoring or sniffing at all times.

It comes with a companion app which lets you know when your dog is making too much of a racket. This is where things get really clever. Once the companion app has been synced with the Wi-Fi-enabled base unit, you can toss your dog a treat … from several kilometres away. With a swipe of the screen, the Furbo will fire off whatever you’ve loaded into the treat container in a random direction.

And if you’re worried your clever hound may eventually work out where these delectable morsels are coming from, don’t panic. The unit can be secured with 3M adhesive on the base so he or she won’t be able to knock the treat machine over and gorge on the contents. It also comes with a flush-fitting bamboo lid.

The Furbo is not yet in full accessoriesion but it is expected to begin shipping soon. The retail price is expected to be US$239.


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