Grass underfoot

Thongs with grass

Adventure-seeking grey nomads are not the type of people to let the grass grow under their feet … so the ever-so-lush Kusa ‘flip flop’ may not be coming to a van park near you.

In a world where thongs can now come complete with their own foot-mounted torches, it should come as no surprise that they can also come complete with their own lawn … but somehow it does!

The logic is simple. Synthetic turf gives the foot the sensation of walking across freshly mowed grass, instead perhaps of a stony path to the amenities block or scorching sands. It presumably offers us a chance to imagine an escape from our humdrum existence of lolling around on Cable Beach, marvelling at stunning gorges and waterfalls, or making new friends at endless happy hour get togethers!

On the downside it might also remind some grey nomads of the lawn-mowing duties that they hitched up the van to escape from in the first place … and it might also make them less likely to leave their envy-inducing thongs lying around unguarded under their awning. These things are hot property!

Kusa says the thongs give an extra layer of comfort that can’t be felt anywhere else (except on real grass). It warns however that the thick layer of Syn-Turf may feel tight the first time they are worn but will soon mould around the wearer’s feet to fit perfectly. The Syn-Turf may flatten with repeated use and so may also need to be ‘fluffed up’ occasionally.

The fact that grass is the dominant theme of the thongs means they are locked into basic colour and style but there are variations available in the sole and strap. Perhaps then, this grassy thong may yet grow on a sometimes skeptical grey nomad audience. They retail for US$29.95 and Kusa ships worldwide.


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