Invisiband (mozzie fighter)

Grey nomads declare war on mosquitoes

There are no creatures on Earth which appear more hell-bent on destroying the traditional grey nomad evening of fun and frivolity than the mosquito.

Generations of travellers have had to run for cover as the buzzing biters descend on Happy Hour gatherings, campfire cookouts, and simple under-annexe sit-ins. Until now, the most popular form of protection has been to liberally cover exposed body parts in smelly lotions and chemicals … and to hope for the best.

However, times are changing. The war on the hated mozzies – which, as well as the irritation factor are also capable of passing on diseases such as Ross River Fever – has ratcheted up a gear.

The Invisaband is a bracelet that is infused with Geraniol, an all-natural ingredient derived from Geranium plants, which is apparently more effective than citronella in repelling mosquitoes.

This oil is slowly released through the Invisaband’s microfibre material and is said to disorientate the blood-sucking buzzers so grey nomads (and others) will appear almost invisible to them!

When it is not being worn, the band can be placed in an airtight pouch to preserve its mosquito-repelling capabilities. It can provide more than 100 hours of protection from the airborne threat, and the strap has different sizing holes so it is fully adjustable.

As well as being worn on the wrist, the Invisaband can do its Happy Hour saving job by hanging off the back of a campchair or on the neck of a bottle of wine.

The team behind the Invisaband is looking to raise $US10,000 to fund accessoriesion, and is offering early takers packs of five for a pledge of US$19. It is to begin shipping the accessories very soon.


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