Lighted thongs

Lighted thongs

It’s time to take some of the horror out of the dreaded midnight walk to the amenities block or drop toilet … courtesy of illuminated thongs!

The ingenious Teva Illum 2 could mean no more stumbling around in the gloom, stubbing your toe, or tripping over rocks and firewood. The idea is simple. A detachable LED ‘Pedlamp’ is mounted on each thong, on top of the strap that runs between the big and second toes. The lights are designed to shine in front of each foot far enough so that your walking path at night is illuminated. Clearly, the new form of light, and the angle at which it shines, takes some getting used to but it apparently does the job for which it was intended. While it might not fully replace the tried-and-trusted torch it might at least free it up to seek out spiders, rampaging possums and assorted creepy night-time noises. Use of the Illum 2 might also mean that two people or more could stroll safely in the dark with just one ‘real’ torch between them.

Powered by small, replaceable watch batteries, the thongs’ lights can be switched on and off with a simple button on the side of the sole.

The lights can also be removed and put on a keychain if not required ‘on foot’, so they can also make a useful small and always handy torch. The lights are fully waterproof and the thongs themselves are both comfortable and designed to stand up to harsh conditions.

The Teva Illum 2 will set you back about US $65 but is it worth it … and would you use them?
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