Flatpack Luvly car

While many grey nomads travel Australia in large motorhomes for a plethora of very good reasons, they all face the eternal conundrum … ‘what do I do when I have set up camp and I just want to take a few trips to explore the area’?

Many are happy to take the big rig and to leave a campchair ‘guarding’ their campsite, some get out and about on a cycle or a motorbike, and others choose to tow a small car for those short, little jaunts.

No one will claim though that towing a second more manoeuvrable vehicle doesn’t significantly ramp up the hassle factor of the Big Lap.

Imagine then, the potential joy of being able to travel with a flat-packed battery-powered car in the rig!

The new Luvly vehicle, designed in Sweden, initially sounds like the answer to a motorhome-driving nomad’s dreams.

Weighing less than 400kgs, Luvly vehicles are transported as a flatpack, much like Ikea furniture.

They are built via a patented platform that simplifies the construction of advanced three-dimensional composite sandwich structures. Parts are said to be interchangeably connectable to one another, allowing for extraordinarily quick and customisable assembly.

However, they are not assembled by the customer. Rather, the vehicles are shipped flatpack for assembly in microfactories close to end-users, which greatly reduces environmental impact … and costs.

So, for the moment at least then, there will be no grey nomads unloading their flatpacked Luvly from the RV roof rack at the van park and quickly slotting it all together!

However, they might just choose to pop one on a trailer behind the motorhome.

Luvly’s first model, the two-seater Luvly O, will sell for around €10,000 or A$17,000. Like some racing cars, Luvly vehicles feature energy absorbers positioned around the chassis and a sandwich composite safety cell protecting the passengers.

Besides potentially being a lightweight second vehicle option for grey nomads, the compact Luvly should also help to address the overcrowding issues faced by urban centres across the world.

Luvly CEO, Håkan Lutz, certainly believes these Light Urban Vehicles (LUVs) have a bright future.

“Luvly was founded on the belief that the negative aspects of cars – environmental harm, cost, danger to pedestrians and other road-users, space inefficiency – can be mitigated by combining modern technological solutions with futuristic design,” he said.

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