Moona cooling pillow pad

Moona cooling pillow for grey nomads

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on many aspects of the grey nomad lifestyle … not least of which has been a trend towards travellers lingering longer in the north.

While it’s easy to see why staying away from the camping crowds – and from any further virus outbreak in populous southern areas – appealed to travellers in theory, the reality may just be starting to sink in for many. And the reality at this time of the year is that it’s hot … and it’s going to get hotter!

No wonder there has been a sudden spike in interest in finding ways to get better quality sleep on those steamy tropical nights. Enter the Moona Cooling Pillow Pad.

According to the Moona boffins, the head and neck play a key role in regulating the body’s temperature at night, and that’s why they reckon its thermoregulation system for pillows is so cool.

The pillow pad itself, which is a combination of memory foam and thin water channels, can be fitted on top of any pillow. The cover is made out of a soft cotton material which allows the temperature and air to flow freely so no heat or cold is trapped in or out of the pillow.
It works by using water to cool – or heat – the pillow. It has a small pod that goes on your bedside table that heats or cools the water that then changes the temperature of the pillow. This temperature can be adjusted manually with buttons on top of the pod, or via an accompanying app which allows users to schedule temperature changes.

But the Moona doesn’t stop there.

On the pillow pad’s inside edge is a small motion tracking device which monitors the user’s night-time movements and can then show this information via the app. This should allow anyone doing too much tossing and turning to track progress and see which temperatures deliver optimum sleep.

With the pillow pad promising much better quality rest, Moona says it should see grey nomads waking up in in a much better mood than usual … and absolutely bursting with sightseeing energy. Wet season here we come!

The Moona Pillow Pad sells for US $399. • Do you struggle to sleep in the topics?

  • How do you keep cool (and get some sleep) during those steamy summer night in the van? Email us here to share your tips.

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