Multi-tool Woodsman

Multi-purpose tool

Ask any adventurer what the greatest gadget ever invented is … and nine times out of ten you’ll hear them scream: “the Swiss Army knife!”

But if you’re the kind of ham-fisted grey nomad who prefers his toys to be a little less fiddly, then Zippo’s 4-in-1 Woodsman could be right up your alley.

While the Swiss Army knife might help you whittle a few sticks or open a can of beans, this little baby can fell a forest or hammer bagfuls of awning pegs into all but the rockiest of camping area surfaces.

The multi-tool device com­prises a wood saw with a 38-centimetre blade which can apparently make sawdust out of 10-centimetre thick logs. The saw’s handle houses a hatchet with a blade measuring nearly 13 centimetres.

Between them, these two tools can pretty much guarantee you can keep the Happy Hour campfire burning long into the night. The saw blade can be stored in the hatchet handle while you’re chopping and splitting to your heart’s content.

On the opposite side of the hatchet blade is a mallet which can hammer those awkward awning pegs into terra firma so firmly that you’ll laugh in the face of the howling wind. Perhaps most ingeniously of all, the Woodsman can help you get those baked-in stakes back out of the ground again when it’s time to pack up camp.

The nifty closed-loop stake puller on the end of the hatchet han­dle rips those awkward suckers right out of the scorched Aus­tralian soil.

Ahhh! Finally, a gadget for Swiss Army knife-loving Boy Scouts who are all grown up!

The 4-in-1 Woodsman will be launched in the US and will cost US$80 or so.


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