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Ra wearable torch

Wearable torch

The quest for the ultimate lighting solution for those dreaded midnight walks to the amenities block or drop toilet is one that has... Read more

Multi-purpose tool

Multi-tool Woodsman

Ask any adventurer what the greatest gadget ever invented is … and nine times out of ten you’ll hear them scream: “the Swiss... Read more

Grey nomads declare war on mosquitoes

Invisiband (mozzie fighter)

There are no creatures on Earth which appear more hell-bent on destroying the traditional grey nomad evening of fun and frivolity than the... Read more

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

In a world where technological breakthroughs such as driverless cars and drones are turning yesterday’s fantasy into today’s reality, isn’t actually creating one... Read more

App to help you find fish

Fishfinder app

Surging fuel prices and caravan parks fees are putting the average grey nomad budget under huge pressure … so it’s the perfect time... Read more

caravan solar panels

Solar cubes

Tens of thousands of grey nomads have embraced the solar age, harvesting the energy of the sun to allow them to both use... Read more

Thermacell Backpacker

Mozzie repeller lanterns

The growing threat of the Zika virus has helped to focus a lot more attention on the whole ‘mosquito’ problem and persuaded more... Read more

High-tech folding paper maps

Zoom-in paper maps

When it comes to navigating our way around this magnifi­cent country, is it perhaps time we went back to the future? While the... Read more


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