Slide-out ‘supreme’

Slide-out rig

The advent of RV slide-out technology has enhanced the pleasure of the Big Lap for many a luxury-loving grey nomad, courtesy of the extra space it offers.

The ability to quickly and easily expand the size of a room inside a caravan or motorhome has made it that much easier to bring the comforts of home along on those long around Australia adventures.

Now, French company Beauer is taking the slide-out concept to a whole new level, offering rigs that can triple in size once their telescopic superpowers have been utilised. It means that luxury is about to get an awful lot easier to tow!

First rig off the rank is the stylish and compact 3X teardrop which looks not dissimilar to a classic teardrop trailer, until you unleash its secret weapon. You might pull up at the van park or camping area looking to all the world like you’re going to have a cramped night or two when, suddenly … Presto!

At the push of a button, the van’s three nesting body modules automatically expand, increasing your interior floor space from a potentially challenging 4 sq m to an impressive 12 sq m in just 20 seconds.

A folding sofa, folding bed and interior fixtures have been ingeniously placed to fit around each other so that, once the expansion is complete, you’re ready to start living the spacious dream.

Unless, of course, you want to pop outside to chat to the queue of super-impressed fellow campers.

The kitchen is in the middle of the trailer and boasts a two-burner stove, a sink, a 130-litre refrigerator, a space for a small oven, and a surprising amount of storage space.

On one side of the kitchen is a two-person bedroom complete with a compact bathroom, which has a shower, sink and cassette toilet.

On the other side of the van is the lounge/dining area which has a sofa and a dining table.

Standard equipment includes 10 litre fresh and waste water tanks and a braked AL-KO chassis. The 3X, which weighs 1,000kg, started selling in France at the end of last year and the makers plan to make it available in other parts of the world in the next year or two. Cost is currently around US$25,000. Beauer is also working on incorporating its ‘triple the size’ slide-out technology into a motorhome and a larger van.




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