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Skinners sock shoe

Along with a cracking campchair and a reliable vehicle, comfortable footwear is one of the key elements of any successful grey nomad Big Lap.

While thongs have long been the choice of many chilled-out travellers hanging around under the awning, it seems times they may be a-changin’. With growing awareness of the dangers of infection and potential medical nightmares that even a small cut can bring in the tropical north, a more protected option is sometimes called for.

Enter the sock-shoe!

Now, you can mooch around the campfire or caravan park in footwear that is both suitably comfy and sufficiently sturdy to protect you from stings, cuts and bites. Skinners Technologies has even tested the strength of its sock-shoes – or Skinners – by having wearers jump up and down on broken glass and on scatterings of Lego blocks … all without apparent ill effect.

They effectively offer the freedom of a sock, combined with the great grip and the basic protection of shoes. The company also stresses the roll up portability of the footwear, and the fact that they can be taken anywhere in a pocket or bag and pulled out when people want to change their shoes for something comfier, or want to change thongs for something more enclosed when the mozzies start buzzing.

The upper side of the Skinners look like a normal sports sock and is made from a silverinfused, antibacterial fabric that includes integrated mesh ventilation zones. The outsole wrapping is made from a dual-layer, waterproof polymer which is designed to hold up to various rough surfaces that you walk on in the bush, campsite or caravan park. They weigh just 2.8oz.

Although the shoe-sock’s antibacterial fabric helps fight foot odour, when they do finally need washing, they can simply be popped in the washing machine on gentle.

Skinners sell for around US$45.


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