Wheel-mounted grill

Wheel barbecue for grey nomads

Are you sick of lugging a spare tyre around the country and hardly ever getting a punc­ture? Do you wish you could use the bulky boot invader on occasions other than when you actually get a flat?

Well, it’s time to sit back and celebrate because the spare wheel just got a whole lot more useful. And, in even better news, reaching for the spare no longer has to mean you are in some sort of crisis on a fly-infested, rock-riddled remote track in searing 40 degree heat.

And this amazing change is all thanks to a cunningly simple steel grill which – when it’s not helping you cook your sausages over a roaring camp­fire – can be strapped to your vehicle’s spare tyre.

Grey nomads grill

The spare tyre grill in action

It’s made from laser cut stain­less steel, comes on solid steel legs and – after it’s finished cooking up a storm – can basically be hooked over your vehicle’s spare wheel and you’re good to go. The grill fits 29” to 37” tyres, weighs nearly 6kg, and could just make you the life and soul of the camp­site party.

Oh, and for the budding Out­back mastechefs among you, there are both grill and grid­dle sections enabling you to show off the full range of your campfire cuisine repertoire.

The makers of the contrap­tion, Front Runner, say that impatient al fresco cooks will be also pleased to know they no longer have to wait until the grill is completely cool before it can be packed away. I guess that it’s good to know in case your ‘burger and chicken surprise’ recipe doesn’t go down as well as expected and you have to quickly load up the fourbie and make a speedy getaway.

Another potential side ben­efit of the grill – at least for vehicles with spare tyres that sit on the outside – is that the fat-coated grill might get a free wash as you cross creeks or drive in the rain.

The space-saving masterpiece sells for around $145 … but the spare wheels are extra!


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