3D Car Display

3d car display for grey nomads

The driving experience is changing rapidly as technology advances in leaps and bounds, and that’s got to be a good thing for grey nomads who spend countless hours on the open road.

While we wait for the driverless car boffins to come up with a way to allow us to put our feet up and look out the side window as we cruise through the Outback, there are still things happening to make things in the driver’s seat more fun … and possibly more helpful.

The latest of these is a 3D car display that is set to see the instrument panel literally jump out of the dash. Automotive technology company, Continental, believes that adding 3D texture to digital screens can be helpful to the driver rather than distracting.

It says that showing various road signs, traffic safety alerts, or other infotainment messages in a 3D manner, will make them easier to see and to focus on. The German company has announced a partnership with California-based holographic tech company, Leia, to develop a glasses-free 3D lightfield display designed to increase the safety and comfort of both drivers and passengers.

Referred to by Continental as the ‘Natural 3D Lightfield Instrument Cluster’, the technology would supposedly add a greater level of interactivity between the passengers and machine by incorporating immersive elements such as 3D depth, key information highlighting, sparks, and various other lighting effects that present important data in a safe and convenient manner.

Using Leia’s lightfield technology, the team was able to bypass the need for a conventional head-tracker camera by instead producing eight different perspectives of the same object on the display which, when viewed from different angles, creates a 3D effect without the need of additional glasses or smart device.

In the future, Continental and Leia hope to incorporate additional features to its suite of lightfield tools, including video calls, internet browsing, video and music streaming, and various other functions.

“The car is clearly the next frontier for mobile,” added Leia CEO, David Fattal. “The vehicle is a logical place to deploy our growing Lightfield ecosystem of immersive gaming, video streaming, social sharing, and even ecommerce activities.”

Wow! Who needs to look at the countryside outside when you can be getting your 3D entertainment fix right there in the car? Continental plans to put it in accessoriesion by 2022.

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