Why mess around with dangerous leads?

Ampfibian power adaptors


If this year has taught us anything, it’s taught us how to value our life.  It’s certainly clear that this is no time to take shortcuts on personal safety and protection. Next time you plug in your van at home, make sure you’re connecting legally and safely. If you’re using a modified lead to connect to your home power, you’re literally playing with fire.

Using a modified lead risks overloading the circuit. Modified leads will always allow more current through a circuit than its designed to handle and it’s this overload that can quickly spark an electrical blaze. Goodbye house and goodbye van.

There’s something that could make it even worse – finding out that your insurance is void because you’ve used an illegally modified lead.

A risk to property, a risk to life and a risk to your bank account. That’s the trifecta of very good reasons to take electrical safety seriously, especially when the solution is so straightforward. A designed and built for purpose 15A to 10A Ampfibian Power Adaptor lets you safely and legally connect your caravan to any 10A power point. The adaptor limits the amount of current that can be drawn, keeping the supply circuit safe from overloading… and safe from the risk of fire.

Ampfibian, Australia’s caravan electrical safety specialists, design and manufacture a popular range of power adaptors with the MAX and the RV-PLUS being ideal for caravanners. These models also incorporate a Residual Current Device or RCD which provides protection from electrocution due to faulty wiring. So wherever you’re connecting your van to 10A power, you’re not only protecting from the risk of fire, you could also be protecting your life… and the lives of others.

Why risk it? Get the protection that’s right for your needs at your local leading hardware, caravan accessory specialist or buy direct online at www.ampfibian.com.au


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