Ampfibian RV-Plus power adaptor

Ampfibian’s RV-Plus power adaptors

As most grey nomads are aware, ‘charging up’ the RV ready for a big trip is not quite as simple as it initially sounds.

The uninitiated may instinctively feel that putting charge into the rig batteries and getting that fridge nice and cool before hitting the road is as easy as getting a long lead and plugging the van into the power at home.

Uhhhh! Errrrr!

Caravans and motorhomes are designed to be connected to a 15-amp power point and so they are fitted with a 15A power inlet. The problem is 15A power leads don’t fit into domestic 10-amp power points. While some reckless souls are tempted to use modified leads to connect their caravan at home, the experts say they are literally playing with fire.

Modified leads are a fire hazard, illegal, and void your home insurance. In other words, they are a very big ‘no-no’! However, there is a simple, safe and legal solution.

The Ampfibian RV-Plus Caravan Power Adaptor has been around a while now and it is offering real peace of mind to a galaxy of travellers. The company says these portable power adaptors let RVers connect their 15A caravan to any 10A power supply, whether they are charging their batteries and preparing for a trip at home, staying at their mate’s house on the road, or staying at an old campsite or showground where no 15A power is available.

In other words, they enable you to safely and legally connect whenever 15A power isn’t available. They have a built-in miniature circuit breaker which acts like a limiting switch, keeping the maximum amount of power to 10A by simply flicking off if an overload occurs.

Another important feature is an integrated residual current device (RCD), which protects travellers from electrocution due to faulty appliances and dodgy wiring.

Ampfibian caravan power adaptors are designed and manufactured in Australia and are water resistant to IP-55 (jets of water from all directions). They are made from impact resistant plastic and there is a padlock attachment point so the lid can be locked.

The compact RV-Plus works with ordinary and heavy-duty caravan leads up to 12mm diameter. It is important to note though that the RV-Plus does not convert 10A to 15A, so the functionality of a connected device may be limited if it is used to its full capacity. The RV-Plus sells for $149.

  • Have you struggled to ‘charge up’ your RV before a big trip? Email us here to share your experiences.

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