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Transparent trailer

‘Invisible caravan’ mirror

Until driverless vehicles become the norm on Australia’s highways and byways, driver behaviour will always remain the single most important factor in road... Read more

Grey nmads find PVC piping storage solution

PVC storage piping

For soon-to-be grey nomads about to set off on their first big trip, packing the van or the motorhome is a major challenge.... Read more

Are solar powered rigs on the horizon?

Taking the Big Lap of Australia in an electric vehicle that harvests all of its energy from the sun is perhaps the ultimate... Read more

Fire extinguishers and fire blankets for caravans and motorhomes

Fire extinguishers / blankets

Of all the gadgets carried in today’s grey nomad rig, none is potentially more important than a fire alarm, fire extin­guisher or fire... Read more

On-the-Go H2O

On-the-Go H2O

For grey nomads driving long hours through the scorching Outback heat, two things are of paramount importance … keeping cool and keeping hydrated.... Read more

Grey nomads love dashcams


The rise of the ‘dashcam’ is slowly helping to make taking the Big Lap that little bit safer … and may well help... Read more

Puncture-free tyre

Puncture-proof tyres

For grey nomads – whether they love to get off the beaten track or stick pretty much to the bitumen – the fear... Read more

Caravan movers a great accessory for grey nomads in caravan sites

Caravan movers

Reversing the caravan into a tight spot is one of the most notoriously stressful aspects of the Big Lap for many, many grey... Read more


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