Puncture-proof tyres

Puncture-free tyre

For grey nomads – whether they love to get off the beaten track or stick pretty much to the bitumen – the fear of punctures is an ever present one.

It’s why the majority of long term travellers take at least a couple of spare tyres with them. After all, you never know, do you? Well, according to family owned Australian company, ASV, you certainly can know … and what you should know is that you never need to get a puncture – or carry a spare – again.

The company’s patented puncture-proof tyre technology means vehicles can run over nails, rocks, and sharp sticks without skipping a beat.

Puncture-free tyres

Running over sharp objects is not a problem!

The Memory Nano Polymer Rubber Technology (MNPRT) works by sealing the puncture immediately after a tyre is pierced by an object.

It means the tyre remains inflated without dropping any pressure, ensuring there is no impact on the driver’s safety. The MNPRT gel application works even when the sharp foreign object becomes dislodged. ASV says that, after a puncture, drivers can be comfortable in the knowledge that their tyre has mended itself and can continue without even needing to stop.

The MNPRT works for multiple, unlimited punctures. The company says the ASV P-Free tyre meets and exceeds Australia’s stringent safety and quality tests and that, in independent testing, had outperformed several name brand tyres in braking, cornering stability, and wear.

“As well as mitigating the loss of vehicle control, there are so many secondary safety benefits to fitting your vehicle with the ASV P-Free tyre,” said ASV accessories Manager, Brent Smaill. “Why should another life be lost simply changing a tyre on the side of the road? Let us remove the fear, inconvenience and dangers of being caught out late at night in the rain or in some isolated location with another flat tyre.”

Premium quality ASV P-Free tyres come with a three-year or 40,000 kilometre warranty. The tyres can be fitted by a tyre specialist, or can be ordered directly online. The recommended retail price of the tyre is $181-$341.

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