Quell smoke alarm

With grey nomads starting to hit the road again, many are once more excitedly focussing their attention on trip preparation and planning.

Many temporarily grounded travellers have seized the opportunity to look at ways they can improve their rig, both in terms of comfort and efficiency, and in terms of safety. In light of some pretty horrific incidents prior to the pandemic which saw a number of caravans go up in flames, fire safety has been high on many soon-to-be-back-on-the-road travellers’ agendas.

Of all the gadgets carried in today’s grey nomad rig, none is potentially more important than a fire alarm, fire extinguisher or fire blanket. Put simply, these pieces of equipment can – and do – save lives.

The speed with which caravans, motorhomes and campervans can be reduced to piles of smouldering ash once fire takes hold is simply mindboggling. Regulations in some states now mandate the installation of smoke alarms in areas where people sleep for all Page 9 existing and new caravans, campervans, and motorhomes.

Quell has reacted to the growing awareness of the fire risk in RVs by developing what it says is Australia’s first photoelectric smoke alarm designed specifically for caravans and motorhomes. The company says the QC1500 Caravan Alarm has been independently tested by the CSIRO and promises to face the rigours nomads would typically expect on the open road, such as heightened vibration, extremes in temperature, and the potential of nuisance alarms from dust, bugs and cooking. The device has an advanced photoelectric sensor that reduces cooking related nuisance alarms, and an easyto operate central hush/test button.

One feature that can be particularly useful during Outback travel is the bug screen which prevents nuisance alarms caused by insect infiltration.

The alarm has a sealed-in lithium battery which is safe from tampering and potential removal. The company says the alarm is always on, with no battery replacement required. Users get an end-of-life notification which alerts them after 10 years when it’s time to replace the alarm.

While having a reliable alarm may offer travellers some degree of peace of mind, extreme caution and fire safety awareness is still critically important.

Quell also recommends grey nomads install a dry chemical powder fire extinguisher and a fire blanket, and ensure they have a fire escape plan in the event of an emergency.


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