Wireless reversing camera system can give grey nomads an ‘extra pair of eyes’

After running a hugely successful solar business for decades, Ian and Judy Hall were happily retired and tending their garden when a chance observation back in 2022 changed their lives … and potentially that of many grey nomads.

The entrepreneurial couple, who are now 84 and 78 respectively, were on a trip to Winton when they noticed how many caravans were out and about without reversing cameras.

“We were concerned because many of these couples had just purchased the new 4WD and new van to do the Lap,” said Ian. “And many of these folk had never towed anything, let alone reverse an attachment to their 4WD.”

Ian and Judy identified the barriers to people installing rearview cameras as potentially being cost, ease of installation, and ease of use … and they set about addressing these issues.

Using their solar experience, they helped design a rearview, completely wireless, solar- operated system that gives users a very wide (170 degree) view behind them.

After 20 months tinkering with various prototypes, the rearview170 was born. The system transmits a signal from the back of the van to a monitor which is mounted next to the driver.

And Ian says that the lack of wiring means anyone can install the system in 10 minutes.

Ian and Judy say their new device can make a huge difference for travellers.

“The rearview170, fully DIY installed price is much less than it would cost just to have a normal one installed,” he said. “And then you would have to pay for the camera and monitor, as well.”

The couple says the product has a battery capacity of 5200mAh, and the container is white, so it doesn’t absorb too much heat.

“We have four individual solar panels so if mud gets on a few, there is possibly one still able to charge,” said Ian. “And one of the benefits of being transferable is the car or 4WD owner can have the camera mounted on the number plate, reverse to meet the tow drawbar, couple up, and then transfer the camera to the caravan.”

Another special feature of the rearview170 is that the driver can see behind while driving forward. But, perhaps aware of a traditional grey nomad ‘issue’, Ian says the system has another big plus point.

“One of the most satisfying benefits is the reversing camera will dramatically reduce the number of ‘disputes’ between couples as one usually ‘guides’ the other into the limited parking spot in the caravan park,” he said. “And the holiday will even begin like a holiday …. peace will prevail.”

The rearview170 Wi-Fi DIY reversing camera system retails at $249.

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