Caravan park thieves target bikes, beers, and fishing rods!

Published: January 17, 2023

Sadly, the issue of thefts from caravan parks is as big a problem as ever … and it can happen pretty much anywhere.

For example, in Warrnambool in Victoria, multiple property crimes have been reported in parks there in recent weeks.  Items stolen have included bikes, beers, and fishing rods.

The Herald-Sun newspaper reports that Eyewatch Warrnambool Police Service shared a Facebook post saying they had received ‘numerous reports about bicycles being stolen from caravan park sites’.

Warrnambool council tourism manager, Paul Thompson, said the council was ‘aware of the situation’ and was monitoring it, and advised everyone to ‘lock up their valuables’.

Kaye Muscat, who was been vacationing in Warrnambool for decades, told the Herald-Sun that the thefts had been happening for years and it wasn’t just a ‘one-off thing’.

“You just have to be vigilant and lock everything up,” she said.

However, Facebook user, Kristy Anderson, commented: “They’re still going to take them even if they are locked up … it’s quite sad.”

According to the Herald-Sun, visitors have noticed that many bikes are being stolen near the exits of parks.

The thefts are becoming so common, that one holidaymaker told the Herald-Sun she has resorted to storing her daughter’s bike inside the caravan overnight.

“I heard them running up and down at about 11.30 last night,” the mother said.

  • Have you ever been the victim of caravan park theft? What steps do you take to ensure your site is not targeted by ‘opportunistic’ thieves? Comment below.


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We stayed in Orange in September and for the first time ever we forgot to lock our van door that night. Woke up at 2.30 with an intruder in our door way inside the van. He stole hubby’s watch and bolted. Thankfully that night I had left my handbag in the car or he would have taken that as well. Now we lock our door every time we are out of sight from it day and night.

I never go to bed unless I have totally secured my safety in cvan…
Lone traveller with a Shitzu that let’s me kno every sound she hears…

Thieves go on holiday too. Remove any temptations & lock up at all times.

We stayed at Jabaru, 1st night they took 42 cans of beer out from my engel. Broke into about 6 cars also that night. Complained at office and told that this little sign on wall was the warning. Really.

Get yourself a boom stick and fight crime back, that will stop the dirty scumbags.

Use stubbies for bait,but pee in one,and put the lid back on

Why is it that all through the north of this country we are warning each other of the crime & that the authorities know most of the time who is doing it & the caravan parks once they get your dollars all say there is nothing that can be done because they are juveniles so what’s the answer the west have got regional shield more cops & dogs on the beat meaning more to chase in stolen cars, then we had Halls Creek wanting to clear some bush so the hoons had somewhere to thrash the stolen cars what a great idea that was. While they can get away with it there is no answer but stay at home ??

We always put coax cable through our BBQ, onto table and table padlocked to step of motorhome. Everything bikes need to be chained up. Thieves target portable fridges left out in annexe usually full of beer
and wine. Even tinny boats on a trailer get wheeled away out the park gate or underneath the boom gate. When out the park a waiting car I guess hooks it up.
Always been a place for easy robbery for decades now.

When we go away for the day I have a combination lock and wire
Wrap it thru deck chairs , tables, bikes,barby, whatever.
But if their good thieves with a battery grinder or bolt cutters they will take what they want

I caught 2 lil shits breaking into caravans and cars in Devonport in the act…i got 2 assault charges that night…they have never been back .Worth the 2 charges i reckon.


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