Research shows popularity of caravan lifestyle surging

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Caravan boom
New figures show caravanning and camping is booming.

New data from Tourism Research Australia has shown that the caravan and camping industry in this country is continuing to go from strength to strength.

The organisation has changed its research methodology so caution needs to be shown in the way the figures are interpreted … but it seems some trends are unmistakeable.

According to the Caravan Industry Association of Australia, some of the most notable figures include:

  • A rolling annual increase of 8% in trips to break through 13 million domestic trips for the first time.
  • Total expenditure of caravan and camping visitors increased by 17% to exceed $7.9 billion.
  • 90% of visitor expenditure is in regional Australia.
  • All states recorded growth in overnight caravan and camping trips, with South Australia and Northern Territory leading the way with growth of 23% and 22% respectively.

For the first time, the young/midlife no kids segment overtook the family demographic as the largest lifecycle group in terms of caravan/camping trips. This group is apparently fuelled by the rapidly increasing 20-29-year-old age group which is taking more caravan and camping trips.
The 30-54 group also strongly increased in the number of trips taken to surpass six million, 46% of all trips.
The older non-working grey nomad segment spent 17 million nights in total, accounting for 31% of all nights spent caravan and camping.

All in all, the data apparently showed the domestic caravan and camping visitor economy enjoying its strongest June quarter in a decade.

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10 Responses to Research shows popularity of caravan lifestyle surging

  1. And still some caravan parks will be complaining about the one that free parks. Oh boy what a protected group we have.

    • Correct, yet most CPs have units that rob motels of patronage. Greed. Buying a van isn’t conditional on staying in a CP

    • Any carvan park that complains about or tries to stop freedom camping should be boycotted. I use both free camps & caravan parks when the need requires, but I will not stay at a caravan park that objects to or tries to stop freedom camping. That choice MUST BE MINE TO MAKE!

  2. Not surprising
    People are travelling everywhere. FNQ is chock a block with visitors from interstate and international
    Australia is seen as a very safe place to travel. A lot of residents here see overseas as risky.

  3. Good that tourism is increasing pumping money back into the economy especially the smaller towns….BUT….We need lot more infastructure, more parks, more free camps, more spots in NPs, better roads, more dump points, beter telco etc. Goverments at all levels, especially the QLD government needs to stop wasting money and redirect spending to infastructure initiative’s which is an investment that helps the economy.

    • True.
      Qld gov needs stop look beyond Brisbane, there’s a heck of a lot more state out there and people.

  4. As a grey nomads we spend approx 20 % of our time traveling
    In regional Australia mostly free camping money we save free camping is normally spent in small towns on extras like coffees and meals
    Fuel and vehicle maintenance allowing us to stay longer

  5. Even more reason for there to be a fully independant authority to regulate the caravan industry as a whole, from manufacturing, quality assurance to sales, after sales, warranty problems, repairs.

  6. Massive fines need to be applied to manufacturers that have miss leading tare weight

  7. More camps would be created
    if the local Councils were easier
    to deal with, as is the case in Tasmania

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