Caravan defies gravity following highway accident

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Caravan accident in Victoria
This caravan was not designed for this! (Vic Police)

There were huge traffic delays in Victoria today after a ute and caravan veered off a major highway and up onto an embankment.

The vehicles got wedged under the overpass bridge on the Peninsula Link Highway and hovered precariously above the flow of traffic.

Eventually, police and emergency services arrived on scene with a crane to bring the gravity-defying van down safely.

The Holden Rodeo ute involved was being driven by a 21-year-old man when the accident happened. He was not injured in the incident.

Have you seen some unusual accidents on your travels? What’s the worst traffic hold-up you’ve ever faced? Comment below.

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8 Responses to Caravan defies gravity following highway accident

  1. Wow…. More reason to have a test for a licence to tow, for people like this.
    That is a very old 3 axle van. (Tri Axel)
    It would weight a very substantial amount empty, let alone if it was full of camping gear etc.
    Looking at the picture, that is an older model Rodeo which would not be up to towing that weight let alone trying to stop it in an emergency….
    Throw the book at him!

  2. Worst Accident.. mmmm

    outside of an area Called White Sands..
    got caught up in a 5mile long traffic blockage that had the Road closed for over an hour while they cleaned the road of the wreckage.. A large F-series truck had T-boned another Pick-up and it was a Fatality..

    Once they had the main road Cleared they allowed the traffic to flow thru slowly..

  3. There are a lot of CV Parks down that way that have “Annual” sites available at the momment, it is very possible that the driver was taking the older style van to put on site as a holiday place for now and years to come and was empty of goodies.

    I stand corrected of course.

  4. Hmmm Tri-axle caravan? (gotta be 20-30yrs old!) Holden Rodeo Ute? Plus a 21 Year old Driver?!
    a.) Old & Heavy!
    b.) Not capable of towing a tri-axle caravan
    3.) Even young & inexperienced would not help considering a & b !
    Just because you have a tow bar doesnt necessarily mean you can tow ANY thing !

  5. I find it absurd that I must have a HR licence to drive a 4.2 ton (unladen) Canter truck, yet anyone with a car licence and no experience can drive a fully laden Landcruiser / Patrol or similar with a 30 ft 3 ton caravan hanging off the back. I don’t advocate another licence (more money for the Government) but surely some sort of accreditation through the Caravan Industry or similar with weight restrictions at various stages of licensing / experience,,

  6. I wonder if he had a “Hayman Reece” or similar hitch to minimise swaying and assist with load distribution, I’m not sure but I think the Rodeo ‘s “pulling above its legal weight”.

  7. THis is all very well while he ends up where he did, but this clown was 10 minutes before heading towards someone like you and me at proberly 100klms an hour.Have driven semi etc before and having a brain its not pulling these things its stopping them.Imagine that coming for you at speed.The sooner they do something about people towing these big weights cause the manufacturer says it will tow it, but not stop it the bettter.

  8. A trap for young players is some not so old car models, state the towing capacity as, lets say 3,000 kgs.
    But when you check the manufactures handbook it also states a ball weight of only 60 kg. Which is a loaded 6 x 4 trailer.
    I use this age old saying, the BOLD PRINT giveth and the fine print taketh away…

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