Cattle Station, Northern NT region (posted 21/1/21)

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We are looking for grey nomads with any skills for dry (cool) season May to Sept. Eat with us, camp in van parked on lawn hooked up to homestead power and water. Use big house bathroom and wash machine. Experience all of life on a cattle station….most of it dirty and dusty.

Jobs include fence line patrols- no major fence repairs just joining broken wires here and there. The challenging bit is bouncing over rough roads at 10 kms/hr. Also refuelling engines at bores- electric fuel pump so no hard work just a liking for diesel. Also trough cleaning. Also some weed spraying. Also trips to town (400 kms) to do shopping every two weeks.

Help in the yards as cattle counters and tag loaders when branding is always appreciated. If partner wants to work then there is always the dreaded house work and painting and the vegetable garden and worst job of all…COOKING. Anyone with plumbing or carpentry or welding or mechanical or electrical skills is useful.

Work hours and days are flexible to allow exploring away for 3 to 5 to 7 days at a time. We work a roster that allows 8 days off per 28 days. I pay around $900 to $1200 per week depending on skill set and how many hours you want to work. We are 40 kms from along the Buchanan Highway which is road to Top Springs from the Stuart Highway turn off. It is gravel. The first 30 kms is slow going unless it is freshly graded. The last 10 kms into the house are ok. There are a few rules to follow like max 3 standard drinks per night during working week and maximum speeds on various roads and wearing appropriate PPE for job. Must like dogs and horses and poddy calves up close like on the lawn. We have good satellite internet and Wi-Fi calling (so can use own mobile phone!) (For us this is the height of civilization).

Please email or sms 0428915034


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