Childers area (Posted 16/04/21)

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Childers lady is in need for some yard work like mowing and just the general work that you would do with your own yard. In return for a piece of paradise with water for your van tent or other.
 Childers is a nice place and I live 15 teen minutes from Woodgate Beach and Bundaberg.
 You can be assured there is work at Woodgate Beach cleaning holiday houses and packing and picking also in Bundaberg. You will have your own private go and come as you wish.
The property is fenced, has a BBQ, lots of stars and an open fireplace, fresh air and a suitable place to stay for as long as you wish. There is a dumping in Childers only 10 minutes away. Pets are welcome.
This place is quite and very much near Hospital, and more
 This has worked for me and other travelers in the past and I am sure it will be the same for the future .

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