Kangaroo Island area (Posted 16/03/21)

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My husband and I operate a tourist attraction, retail shop and cafe on Kangaroo Island. We are looking for a couple who is looking to enjoy Kangaroo Island. We are wanting  someone to help with our groundsman and cleaning jobs for about 1 hour each morning in exchange for power, water and laundry facilities. Depending on skills will be some paid work. We have plenty that needs doing in many areas. We will provide an area for you to live that will be next to a laundry, toilet and shower block. There is also a renovated bus you are welcome to use for extra room.
Looking for help between the dates 22nd April to 7th May
Email: info@emuridge.com.au your experience, skills, references, and details along with the time/dates you are interested in staying with your phone number and we will contact suitable persons by phone. Or phone 0437162795


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