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SEEKING GRAPE PICKERS IN SUNNY LEETON NSW FOR OUR UPCOMING WINE GRAPE HARVEST  We have been hosting backpackers from around the world, giving them a taste of farm life, for 29 years. Since backpackers are in short supply this year, we are looking for help closer to home. Our harvest usually begins in late February and lasts 3-4 weeks. The job entails cutting bunches of grapes from the vines and putting them into buckets. We are one of the last farms in our area to pick grapes by hand so you will be participating in a vanishing practice, enjoying the great outdoors, and making a few dollars to further your travels. We hope you can join us and experience life on our little farm. You can can stay with us on the farm or there are several caravan parks nearby. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Email: fruitshack@hotmail.com


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