North Star/Yetman area (posted 4/8/20)

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We are a family of 4 in the North Star/Yetman NSW area. We enjoy camping, water sports, fishing, hunting, motorbikes and wide open spaces.
We are looking for a couple who would like a base in inland Northern NSW to assist us with our 2 school aged children during our busy harvest period.
5 days per fortnight or as per my roster your assistance is needed.
Rural area, plenty of room to set up a van and freedom to explore our area.
We need your help with
-Getting our 2 kids (9 and 7) ready for school and to the bus stop
-Being home in the afternoon to get them off the bus
-Some house work
e.g hanging washing out and helping kids with some jobs.
Minimum 10hrs fortnight in exchange for site, power and local area knowledge.
Mid September start for approx 6 weeks
Must be able to drive a manual
14 days isolation not essential but recent travel history would be appreciated.
For more info about us and to share yourself please email me.


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