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Active couple with handyman skills required to caretake village of Nyamup

Nyamup is an ex timber mill village comprising of 25 cottages all privately owned and rented out as short term accommodation.
Caretaking can encompass a wide variety of tasks,however we require a couple that are passionate about the bush and interested in working with guests and owners. Their role will include gardening, general maintenance, security, taking bookings for guests, general upkeep of the village and various other caretaking tasks that arise. This is a permanent role and we are seeking a long term arrangement.
There is an further option for paid work depending on your skills and how you wish to grow the business. We are approximately 20 kms from Manjimup. The house is a comfortable two bedroom residence,with a small garden that can be developed.
We are looking for genuine people and not time wasters.
Keep Watch
Keeping watch on the property for the owners is your primary responsibility. You’re the eyes and ears of the owners and need to let them know when problems arise with the buildings or land, including roads, open spaces and landscaping. You’ll need to watch the comings and goings of people on the property too to make sure everyone’s safe and trespassers keep out. The caretaker will be required to check out the water system on a reqular basis including the pump, pipe work, tank and to also add chlorine to the tank on an as required basis.
Fix Up
You will be required to have at least minor fixer-upper skills. You’ll need to be able to do light carpentry and small plumbing (fixing toilets and taps etc) work for owners when needed and this will be paid work. There is the opportunity for the caretaker to take on paid work onsite in relation to landscaping and keeping the grounds in a neat and tidy condition
Alternatively, it may just fall on you to keep a list of competent responsible contractors you can call when something needs fixing or liaise with the strata managers
Opportunity to also gather and sell wood to guests (there is a storage area)
Renting out of Accommodation
Caretaker may be required to take bookings for the owners and as such, take deposits and liaise with guests.
(discuss commission)
Caretakers have the opportunity to clean the cottages on vacation and charge owners accordingly at a rate of $75 per cottage
Caretakers are responsible for reporting regularly to the owners. You’ll let owners know when maintenance issues arise, especially when they’re bigger than a small repair that you can handle. You’ll keep ledgers of the repairs you’ve made as well as unusual activities, such as if you had to call local law enforcement to confront trespassers. Turning in regular reports on your rounds of the property and the state of the buildings and grounds is also part of the job.
Free accommodation, with contribution towards electricity and phone (not mobile)
Accommodation commission will be paid on any direct bookings the caretaker takes
Can earn extra by
– Cleaning cottages
– Mowing – Providing wood to guests
– Trimming trees
– Upkeep of gardens
– Light carpentry
– Small plumbing jobs
– Painting (if experienced)
– Hiring and washing of linen
– Other duties that arise that can be handled by the caretaker

Full information will be provided at an interview.

Email: jsgardiner@bigpond.com.au


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