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We are a husband and wife team with 6 children.  Girl – 16 (finished school), Boy – 15 (away at school), Boy – 11 (Yr 6), Boy – 10 (Yr 5), Girl – 8 (Yr 4) and Girl – 7 (Yr 3).  We will be doing mainly paper based next year due to the fact that we don’t really know how long we will be in one location and also where. I think it’s going to be easier as we are just starting out again so it will be a bit of day to day. The last time we had our own fencing business we only had our 2 eldest children and they were in mainstream school. We have been managing large cattle stations in both QLD and NT for the past 10 years and have decided to get back out contract fencing. We are very excited about our venture and to get back to basics.  We are also looking forward to travelling throughout QLD & NT so that our children have different experiences, meet new people and learn through living the dream.

We are a husband and wife team, so no employees. Our 4 youngest children have been doing Longreach School of Distance Education for the past 4 years. They are all very independent and love the outdoors. The boys are right into their motorbikes and the girls enjoy cooking etc.

We are after a grandparent type couple or person to help with the children. The person/people do not have to be overly fit as they will be at the camp.  The children are all old enough to find their way down to where we are working etc.  We will also have handheld radios for communication etc.  I would like someone that is experienced as this will be the first year we will be doing paper based only, however this isn’t essential.  Once the kids have finished school (it won’t be set hours. I would like them to start at a certain time, however if they are finished early then they will come to work with us). The only other thing I would like is for the night time meal to be prepared etc. This can just be basic meat and veg etc, as I will be working all day with my husband.

We have a fully self sufficient camp set up. Our camp has a full shower, full kitchen and school room.  The schoolroom is approximately one half of our camp and will be fully air-conditioned etc.  The children will have their own area.  Travis and I will sleep in our gooseneck.  You will be supplied with all basic stores (food & meat etc) and electricity.  There will also be a wage.  This position will primarily be for one person however if the other person wants to help out with the children then that is fine.  On weekends you are free to do as you please and also the school holidays.

We hope to be able to park up at an outstation or set of yards whilst we work.  We will stay in that position for as long as the job requires.  There won’t be any packing up and moving every few days or anything like that.  At this stage it looks like we will spend most of the next 12 months on the QLD/NT border (a couple of hours from Mt Isa).

Email: k4urural@gmail.com


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