Leyburn area farm (posted 9/9/20)

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Offering free site for a grey nomad couple(s) with access to power, water, bush loo, shower, camp kitchen for between 1 and 3 months in exchange for help with :
. Fencing (3 new Sheep paddocks)
. Shade sheds for sheep
. Machinery shed conversion
. Assisting with sheep work as required
. Setting up new playground for Campsite
. “Beautifying” campsite
. Finishing camp kitchen and common room.
. Possibly assist with second vehicle storage shed.
We are ex grey nomads also, and due to an accident where I fractured my arm and tore ligaments I am not able to help as much.
Hours worked per day, days off etc will be negotiated according to the task needed at the time and all our personal needs. We don’t plan to be slave drivers but need to get this done before the promised rains come.
Some skills would be handy.  Need to be in reasonably good health as medical help and shopping facilities are up to an hour away.
Phone Bretims Farm, 0412 267 026 and speak to Brenda and Tim.

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