Wodonga area (posted 19/11/20)

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Travellers could you drive a Taxi ?  if you are “cruising” around Victoria and intending to spend a bit of time in the North -East of Victoria or the Riverina Area of NSW.  WODONGA TAXIS is seeking some casual drivers for either half day, long day, and night shifts on weekdays and weekends.

If this is of interest some pre-planning regarding legislative demands is required. EG You will need a ‘clean’ Driving Licence, Taxi Driver accreditation (permit), from Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria ( apply on-line ), a Police check ( processed by the CPVV), a CPVV medical certificate (fit to drive via on-line self assessment during Covid restrictions).

Note, there are no area knowledge pre-requisites as each vehicle is fitted with Sat Nav and an easily learned dispatch system

If you are interested please Contact Michelle, Network Manager Wodonga Taxis Tel (02) 6024 3839 Email : wodongataxis@bigpond.com.


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