Healthy, active couple available in Southwest area of WA (posted 27/2/20)

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Names: John & Diana

Ages: 72 and 75 respectively

Health: Good as we bush hike, bicycle ride, swim, snorkel were we can, walk regularly etc

Animals: We love them but have none with us on this trip

Caravan: 24 foot 6 inch in van length and 31 foot overall including drawbar. The van is fully self-contained.

General : I am an ex tradie and feel I am pretty good at fixing and maintaining mechanical things. While I don’t have a green thumb my wife does and I just follow orders so watering gardens etc is no worries.

We are currently located just south of Fremantle and would be available from the end of March onwards for just about anywhere in the south west region of WA. We have no set travel plans and intend spending 3 to 5 months in the WA south west corner and then possibly head east and are available for short to medium length house sits. Our preference is to live in our van and look after a property rather than live in the property. We are new to property minding however have our own home base rented out so know what the expectations are of owners are. Personal references can be provided from people we have known for 30 plus years.



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