Nomad with cattle station experience seeks outback or farmsitting position (posted 4/3/20)

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My early work experience was cattle station duties (breaking in brumbies for stock work etc)in Central NT as I was born in Alice Springs. I also was a water driller on a Horward-Bagshaw “mud puncher” and road maintenance and new road formation operating a Cat 12E gear driven road grader in NT.
I also ran my own small Tourist business out of Alice.
Unfortunately my body gave up on me and I moved to Adelaide with my wife, son and 3 daughters where I first worked as a mechanic on Renault and Peugot cars.
I then decided I needed to do something lighter ( I was 48)so I enrolled in TAFE SA for a diploma in Electronics which I gained and landed a position with them as an IT support person and travelled the State and Kangaroo Island until I retired 16 yrs ago . I likened myself go having travelled to an other planet having “clean hands” so to speak, and working indoors from my previous life.



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