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Housesitters wanted – A sheep farm 35km outside Stanthorpe, Qld. 19th December for 2 weeks

We are looking for house sitters for our sheep farm. Plenty of space for your caravan, use of water and power or we are happy for you to use our kitchen and or bathroom. We are hoping to go away over the Christmas/New Year period and hoping you could arrive 1 or 2 days before we leave.

We have one pet dog who is a black lab cross that happily lives on the verandah and around house. 2 small kelpie work dogs that need feeding and let off chain for a daily run. Other than that no work is needed to be done, just be general eyes and ears out for any sheep out. We have lots of lovely neighbours around who would duck over if any problems. Lots of lovely walking tracks and creeks to have picnics. If you were interested in any part time work, that would be available as well.

We require a police clearance certificate and 2 character references from previous house sitting property owners.

Please call or message 0427 824 292


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