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Experienced, licensed person seeks work in Shoalhaven area (posted 17/12/20)

Work wanted in Shoalhaven Area, NSW. Below is a bit of a list of what i am able to do: HR Truck licence.... Read more

Qualified, hardworking solo seeks positions in Barossa region (posted 1/12/20)

Handyman/Odd Jobs. Active 60 yr old solo male traveler looking for casual work in the Barossa Region between 30/11/2020 and 20/12/2020. Handyman, property... Read more

Reliable, hardworking couple seeks position (posted 3/11/20)

We are a couple in our 50s from Brisbane with a new caravan with plans to explore this great country and seek new... Read more

Experienced person seeks shed/workspace exchange in Perth region (posted 7/10/20)

I am looking for somewhere to park up our van and some shed space to build a caravan over 4 months from around... Read more

Experienced cattle property caretaker seeks position in North Qld (posted 5/8/20)

Experienced caretaker for cattle property. Do you value your cattle property and belongings? Please read on. I am an experienced cattle property caretaker... Read more


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