Caravan destroyed after flipping on Bruce Highway

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caravan rollover
A caravan is stuck in the median strip after flipping on the Bruce Highway. PIC: Clayton's Towing

A caravan is stuck in the median strip after rolling over on the Bruce Highway at Bells Creek in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast hinterland.

No other vehicles were involved in the accident which happened earlier this afternoon.

The Central Telegraph newspaper reports that emergency services attended, but the occupants of the towing vehicle declined treatment.

Queensland Police said the caravan had flipped.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services crews assisted with the clean up along with Clayton’s Towing.

Lanes are cleared but delays are still expected. There are reports that traffic is backing up in both directions, approximately two kilometres north of Wild Horse Mountain.

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20 Responses to Caravan destroyed after flipping on Bruce Highway

  1. Thank goodness all are ok. Now lets sit back and watch the woodwork open up.

  2. Be good to know, how and why this happened. So we can all learn from these incidents.

  3. We live in that area and the amount of accidents is crazy. One thing for caravanners travelling along that strip is to slow down as there is hardly anywhere to pull off if something goes wrong. I feel so sorry for these people.

    • Yes it is bad luck but the blame fall back on the government sector for not responding to problem of poor road and the proper allocation of money to spend on the problem they prefer to spend on drones and overseas welfare recipients cheers happy caravaning

  4. We often see and hear of these incidents but rarely, if ever, hear of the causes. Why? It can be vital information for the rest of us on the road so we can avoid experiencing the same traumas

    • The camber in this area is quite a severe change between left and right lane,therefore when changing lanes, the weight transfer can throw trailer off balance especially if unevenly loaded ( e.g. excess weight behind axles encouraging sway). Very scary to change lanes when fully laden.

  5. Would like to know towing set up, did they have sway bars etc?

  6. sorry to the occupants of the vehicle which looks like a jeep, glad to hear they are ok.
    I for one would love to hear the reason that caused the accident as i tow with a jeep full time, we can only all learn once the cause is determined.

  7. These things can happen at any time and is why we need to be constantly alert. Thank God that they are safe and uninjured. Praise for the emergency services as well. They sre always ready to help in sometimes difficult circumstances. Drive safely fellow Grey Nomads a nd remember to keep the shiny side up.

    • Well said.
      All of us road users need to SLOW DOWN.
      We are not on a race track and want to arrive alive.
      I am so glad the travellers are ok.

      • Agree wholeheartedly! We’ve just returned home after a trip from near Perth to The Mitchell Plateau off the Kalumburu & Gibb River Roads. The number of Grey Nomads driving at high speeds on these unsealed roads is frightening….Please slow down & enjoy the drive; it’s a big part of the trip!

      • Hi Jenny we drive according to the weather , road conditions & our safety please tell the truckies to stop harassing the ‘Caravan Drivers’ for doing the above .we had a truckie say on his radio these f…..Caravans pull over so we can make a living .yes we were sitting on 90klms with no where to pull over .traffic behind us built up because of road works .Damned if we do damned if we don’t.

  8. Not surprised accidents with caravans, when only today goingi through Horrocks Pass South Australia, very steep up and down winding hills and impatience car drivers 4 in total over took us on double white lines and one on a corner, STUPID, CRAZY car drivers

  9. All caravan towers should me made to sit a test it also should be manatory to have sway bars so many times do you see smaller cars trying to tow vans without swaybars and wrongly loaded with inexperienced drivers behind the wheel

    • Not all vehicles can tow with away bars attached. Some people wrongly think level riders are the same as sway bars. WRONG. Again some vehicles can’t use level rides either
      Correct loading is more critical.

  10. The Bruce needs a police presence as there are so many dangerous and erratic drivers put there. No one travels the posted speeds and when you do, people ride your bumpers, honk, high beam or led high beam you etc. This is both passenger cars N trucks and commercial rigs. This is a deadly highway.

  11. I saw the results of this accident it about time government get their act together and make it mandatory driver training in towing is part of your licence condition also fix this highway also i was listening on my cb radio the truck drivers comment lot of bad feeling out there towards caravanners

  12. Always love to hear truckies complaint about caravans. They forget when trucks were the slow one’s. You never see retired truckies with vans, cause they are all living on Pacific Islands from the huge money they earned driving.

  13. A few comments refer to ‘sway bars’, but need to clarify the difference between load distribution hitches and sway controllers. Most people seem to think they are the same thing. They are not the same. Correct loading has more to do with some of the accidents.

  14. Hmmm, We have an electronic sway control mechanism fitted to our 24′ van and travel at 85-90 Km …we have good control in most conditions; Slow and steady does it!…after all, aren’t we enjoying the journey and not just the destination?.
    As for the Truckies, they have a right to the road as do we?…they used to be a good professional bunch generally but nowdays, there seem to be a lot of ‘cowboys’ out there who forget about their responsibility to the rest of us.
    Remember back in the 50s when trucks would grind up hills with a stream of cars behind them?….now they are 80 ton 600 Hp racing machines on 1950s roads!!

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