Woman changing tyre hurt after truck hits her caravan

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caravan accident
A woman was lying under her caravan when it was ‘clipped’ by a passing truck. PIC: RACQ CQ Rescue / Daily Mercury

An elderly woman lying under a caravan changing a flat tyre was badly hurt when her vehicle was hit by a passing truck off the Bruce Highway.

The 81-year-old woman suffered serious head injuries in the accident, and was flown by helicopter to Mackay Base Hospital. She is said to be in a stable condition.

A RACQ Rescue spokeswoman told the Daily Mercury that a caravanning couple had pulled over near the Waverly Creek rest area, at St Lawrence, some 160 kilometres south of Mackay, to fix the tyre.

“The woman was underneath when the van was clipped by a passing truck,” she said.

She said the elderly woman was badly injured in the ‘horror’ highway crash.

Bruce Highway caravan crash

Emergency services were quickly on the scene. PIC: RACQ CQ Rescue / Daily Mercury

A Queensland Ambulance Service spokeswoman said the woman was treated for a serious head injury,

“We’re unsure if the truck struck her or the force of the truck hit the caravan,” she said.

A male patient was uninjured, but taken to hospital as a precaution.

The QAS spokeswoman said it was initially reported a person had been trapped underneath the truck, but that was incorrect.  She said the injured woman was ‘conscious, awake and breathing’ when emergency services attended.

The accident happened late yesterday afternoon and resulted in the closure of the Bruce Highway. All debris has now been cleared and the highway is open.

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17 Responses to Woman changing tyre hurt after truck hits her caravan

  1. QLD roads truly require many pull off areas….
    So dangerous driving them….
    Such sadness …

  2. People don’t understand about getting off the road to change a Tyre! So what if the Tyre or rum is ruined while getting to a safe spot! Sure beats ending up like this or worse

    • Hey w Watts have s good look at the photo – car and van are in the shoulder side of the continuous white line – off the road far enough to safely change a tyre – more likely the truck has overtaken the van with another vehicle approaching.

  3. Very sad, sometimes the trucks get a sway up on the Bruce H’way, I have been behind them and to frightened to pass. Worst road in Australia.

  4. Drivers need to SLOW down when passing stationery vehicles on the side of the road. It is a real nightmare trying to attend any vehicle troubles on the highway.

  5. Should be 40klms or less when passing a car on the side of the road

  6. Should be lower speed when passing a car on the side of the road

  7. Hope the lady and her partner recover ok. Whilst this outcome is not good, I hope that I am still able to lie under a caravan and change a tyre when I am 81 !!

  8. I would hazard a guess, that the truck, tried to fit, between the caravan, a passing vehicle coming in the other direction. And you would know who’s fault it would be. Like most drivers, vanners and trucks, in Australia, I have this issue, when riding my bicycle and dog trailer on the road, and drivers always do this to me, intending to fit themselves, and my bike on the same stretch of road. Not slowing down to either stop and give way, or going wide giving the regulation distance for clearance. You just don’t care!

  9. Under the Caravan? How do you change a tire from underneath the caravan, as no one else has asked I thought that I would. I’ve always done it from the outside…

    • No no you have to realise that the wheelnuts had been removed and that the lady had scrambled under there to kick the wheel off.. You don’t have to drive very far before the tyre does some serious damage to your van and starts to empty the cupboards above the wheel… Speedy recovery to them both..

  10. Maybe the poor lady was partly under the van positioning the jack for her husband/partner. Whatever the circumstances I hope she has no lasting major injuries. My thoughts go out to all concerned who were involved in this tragic accident.

  11. Ever thought that the lady might have been setting up her jack ready to c/o the wheel, and yes the state Governments want get off their backsides and put in more wayside stops in for cars and caravans so we can rest and do the above in safety like they have for heavy haulers.

  12. Be Kind every one, we weren’t there so don’t comment. Hope they both recover to get a new Caravan and continue their journey, enjoying this wonderful country.

    • I agree Dianne, be nice people. Hopefully this doesn’t kill the injured lady.
      Major surgery can finish elderly people. The anesthetic not the operation.

  13. So dangerous I always try to stop and help fellow caravaners regardless of what situation never think your not alone

  14. Unfortunately, a lot of truckies have limited time to arrive at their destination..This, with an attitude against vanners who are perceived to be an obstacle to making good times, prompts some heavy vehicle drivers to ignore the risk to other road users. Long hours on the road can also diminish their ability to make good judgements about passing distances.

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