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Amid growing concern that grey nomads are bypassing the Queensland town of Bundaberg due to a lack of cheap camping areas, a new free overnight rest stop is about to open.

Bundaberg Regional Council hopes the 20-hour overnight area on Rollings Rd in Yandaran will lure more travellers into the area. The concept was approved last month and new signage will be erected shortly.

Health and environmental services spokeswoman, councillor Mary Wilkinson, said it was difficult to balance the interests of grey nomads and that of local caravan and tourist park operators.

“Council cannot provide everything for everybody for nothing,” she told the Bundaberg News-Mail. “We understand the concerns but there has to be a balance.”

The new rest area will boost the number of rest areas in the region to five, with existing facilities in Apple Tree Creek, Gin Gin, Sharon and Childers Rd, in between Bundaberg and Childers.

Yandaran Store manager Janette Campbell said the rest area should help attract caravan travellers again following the closure of the Norval rest area by the former Burnett Shire Council.

“It can really help local business having a few travellers passing through,” she said. “The income these visitors generate can be substantial.”

Mrs Campbell said the new rest area would come as a much-needed revenue boost for businesses in Yandaran.

“We’re only a small town and many of the locals here drive into Bundaberg to do their shopping,” she said. “It’s going to attract a lot more people to the area and if they have somewhere to stop here in town, then local businesses would have been able to take advantage of their patronage.”

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