Cow collision man killed by passing road train

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Deserted ... yet full of potential hazards

Two of the major hazards of Outback driving have been brought into the spotlight by a tragic accident in the Northern Territory.

A man whose car was damaged when it hit a cow was later run down and killed by a road train as he walked along the Stuart Highway, about 30 kilometres south of Tennant Creek.

Channel 7 News reports that the man was believed to be walking towards Tennant Creek after his vehicle was badly damaged in the earlier collision.. He was hit and killed by the north-bound road train. Police said the man’s body was dragged along the highway after being hit.

According to Channel 7, the driver of the truck had to drive several kilometres from the crash site so he could use his mobile phone to report the accident.

The name of the dead man, aged in his fifties, has not been released. Police say the 54-year-old truck driver was treated for shock after the accident.

The death takes the Territory road toll to 36, compared to 45 at the same time last year.

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3 Responses to Cow collision man killed by passing road train

  1. My guess is that the poor pedestrian was not walking against the flow of traffic and didn’t see the truck coming.

  2. Our hearts go out to the poor truckie who now has to live with this. Also our regrets to the victim’s family. Always wear a high visibility vest and walk facing the oncoming traffic if you have to walk along the roadside.

  3. Just spent 2 months in outback QLD, it can be pretty scary on those one lane roads just with cars and caravans let alone the road trains, it only takes a moments lack of concentration or poor judgment and lives are ruined , my heart goes out to all concerned.

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