Woman badly injured after being chased by four Fraser Island dingoes

Published: July 18, 2023

There has been another serious dingo attack on Queensland’s Fraser Island (K’gari).

The incident happened yesterday morning, when a 23-year-old woman was reportedly chased by four dingoes into the ocean near Orchid Beach , on the north-east side of the island,.

She was flown from the island to hospital in Hervey Bay, after suffering injuries to the lower half of her body. She is in a stable condition.

The ABC reports that the woman was initially jogging along the beach and then ran into the water, with at least two of the dingoes following her.

Queensland Ambulance Service officer-in-charge of Hervey Bay station, Matthew Steer, told the ABC that a bystander came to the woman’s rescue and helped her out of the water.

“She was lucky that he was there to be able to help her,” he said. “She has multiple dog bites and a couple of significant, long lacerations … she was quite upset — it’s been a very traumatic ordeal for her.”

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) said the full details of the incident are not yet known, and it will conduct an investigation.

Senior ranger, Linda Behrendorff, told the ABC that one of the dingoes involved in the attack had a GPS collar.

“It is an animal that has a high-risk potential,” she said.

Ms Behrendorff said rangers were watching the dingoes ahead of future decisions.

“Lethal mitigation is a last resort,” she said. “Our job is to mitigate risks through education.”

The attack is the latest in a string of dingo incidents on the island.

Last month, a boy was attacked and held underwater before being rescued, and a different dingo was euthanised after attacking a French tourist while she was sunbathing.

Residents and visitors to the island are advised to Be Dingo-safe

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If one of those dogs bit me..or any of family I’d give it a good flogging with a big waddie..then it mite think twice next time.

I just think they have had a gutful of humans to be honest, if I was one of them I would feel the same way. Now I know that is a recreation island, but I think it is about time for the wildlife protection on Fraser Island for the island to be shut to the public and let the local wildlife live their lives out on there in complete isolation and privacy.

Last edited 7 months ago by Ric

I’m sorry to sound mean, but if you want to sunbake or go for a jog, stay on the mainland. Dingo’s are wild animals, and should have always been treated that way. Because of feeding them, taking selfies whith them ext, now you have ask yourself ‘would I go for a jog or sun-bake near wolves or lions’ and the answer is obviously no.
I don’t have the answers, but I know it’s not the dingo’s fault.
I’ve been there and stayed with the tour group, did not wander off, and I’ll be honest, I would not risk taking the grandkids.

We were on K’gari the day this happened. I’m sorry but all over the island are signs saying things like don’t go anywhere alone, don’t run, keep children within arms reach. There are also tons of dingo safety info everywhere. This isn’t the dingoes problem.

Close areas of the island off to tourists. If you can’t abide by the warnings and rules, then lose the privilege of visiting those areas. Keep tourists to the accommodation/resort areas until they understand the word “wild”! Dingoes are pack animals, for too long they have been portrayed as harmless. If anything has taught us since 1980, and with more attacks over the last few years on adults and children, tells us they are anything but!


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