Every picture tells a story … camping debate is over

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Coffs Harbour bans grey nomads from camping at Jetty Foreshores.,
Sign of the times.

The days of free camping at Coffs Harbour’s Jetty foreshores are seemingly over.

After much internal debate, the council at the New South Wales holiday spot has erected signs warning of camping and alcohol prohibitions.

The Coffs Coast Advocate newspaper warns that grey nomads have been put on notice.

“To see up to 15 campervans and caravans, and even tents down there some mornings has only strengthened my resolve that the foreshores have always been and will always be a place for the community and not just a select few,” Mayor Cr Denise Knight told the paper. “Rangers will be enforcing the restrictions, but they need the support of everyone to ensure the foreshores stays clean and tidy.”

She said the Jetty foreshores was for everyone in the community and was not a de facto caravan park.

Councillor Knight said that subsidised spaces at the Park Beach Caravan Park will be available for self-contained campervans once the Christmas school holidays are over

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12 Responses to Every picture tells a story … camping debate is over

  1. Is the Coffs Harbour Foreshore the only place you can camp,
    There is a 1000 mile coast line in NSW,
    Whats at Coffs Harbour, other than a big banana, that isnt available any where else,

  2. It’s not just grey nomads, Wicked vans (door slammers) are the worst.

  3. Don’t go there. They can stick Coffs where the sun don’t shine…

  4. OMG, you crazy people…well we will give this place a very big miss and go elsewhere that provide free camping…

    • Fair Dinkum, are you people doing it that tough that you have to get everything for nothing. That is the problem with this country. I’m a Caravanner & I’m happy to pay my way.

      • I hardly think we are the problem with this country,I think that’s a bit rich.
        Personally we use caravan parks if were staying for more than 1 or 2 days otherwise we free camp and spend at local businesses.You are lucky if you can afford to stay in caravan parks all the time but not every one can.Perhaps the real problem with this country is greed.

  5. I hope the exclusion of campers doesn’t mean I can’t park my MH there as a day tripper just like everyone else parks their cars.

  6. I’ll see all the above people at a town nearby that wants our money.
    Go to hell Coffs, your pass your use by date.

  7. There is camping at Bellingen. We payed $5.00 there as we did not use there electricity or toilet. Why would you what to stay in town (NO THANK YOU)

  8. if that is true coffs doesn’t want us then I think I/we can go to plenty of other places. I was there for a few days in motel across road beach in july..just retrace some places I had been with my boys years ago. really in coffs itself there is not that much. my opinion

    • Went to Coffs once and since then just drove through don’t like the place too busy much nicer places yo visit

  9. If you want to stay at Coffs put your hand in your pocket, if not move on down the line, end of problem.

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