New ‘dingo fence’ to be built on Fraser Island

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dingo attacks on Fraser Island
There have been several recent dingo attacks on Fraser Island.

A massive new fence is to be built on Queensland’s Fraser Island, following a spate of dingo attacks on children.

The Guardian Australia newspaper reports that the state government is to spend $2m building the fence around Orchid Beach on the north-east of Fraser Island, which is also known as K’gari.

Queensland’s environment minister, Meaghan Scanlon, said close to seven kilometres of fencing would be installed around the township.

“Fencing will protect visitors, Orchid Beach locals and K’gari’s native dingo population, who our rangers believe no longer show apprehension when approaching humans because they’ve either been deliberately fed or eaten food scraps,” she said in a statement.

The Guardian reports that the government will consult with representatives of traditional owners, the Butchulla people, on the fence design and there will be a tender process.

Fences have already been set up around the towns of Eurong, Happy Valley and Kingfisher Bay Resort, and at 24 campgrounds.

Earlier this month, a four-year-old boy was bitten on the leg at Orchid Beach, and a toddler was mauled in April.

Back in February, a nine-year-old boy was approached by a dingo at Orchid Beach before the child’s father scared the animal off.

The Guardian reports that there is a long history of dingo attacks on Fraser Island.

In April 2019, a 14-month-old boy was dragged by his head from his family’s camper trailer, leaving him with a fractured skull and puncture wounds. And then, back in 2001, two dingoes stalked and killed a nine-year-old boy when he tripped and fell near an island campsite. His brother was also mauled.

People who feed or intentionally disturb the dingoes face fines of up to $10,000, in a bid to prevent the animals being encouraged to associate with humans.

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8 Responses to New ‘dingo fence’ to be built on Fraser Island

  1. Good idea to keep the humans fenced in.

  2. Is it possible to feed the dingoes in a dedicated area, these are our only pure dingoes we have left, do you want them to go the way of the Tassie Tiger, this is also animal cruelty, it makes me so sad to see them so hungry and malnourished.

    • The whole point is, that you shouldn’t feed them at all.

  3. I have been going to Frazer Is. for many years and I believe these animals are starving to death as a large part of their natural habitat has been burnt out last year from bush fires and their numbers just keep increasing so of course they are becoming more bold with campers whether they are being deliberately fed or not they are smart and cunning .

  4. The dingoes aren’t the problem, people are so I think it’s a good idea to fence people in. That way parents don’t need to be responsible & can let their children wander wherever they like. I don’t believe the dingoes are starving – we are just so used to seeing fat overweight dogs that any dog that has ribs showing is thought to be starving. I’ve seen very skinny dingoes in outback areas where they have unlimited space to roam.

    • Yes dingo not starving. They are fighting fit. dogs are meant to look slender. Domestic dogs are overweight

  5. no no no, the dingoes are definitely NOT starving or dying from malnutrition, although this is a common misconception, but please dont confuse their appearance with starvation, they are a very lean breed, what will kill of the dingoes is feeding them, they get plenty of food between the beach and yes, even from some of the burnt areas of the island…and yes, I’ve been going to Fraser for years and they are, in fact, some of the purest and healthiest packs of dingoes left, so NEVER feed them, ever, dont encourage them, leave them alone, keep your kids within arms reach, carry a walking stick when bush walking and enjoy them from a distance….but please, dont think they are starving.

  6. Dingo’s are meant to be lean, is the breed able to travel vast distances also fast in their hunting. Imagine a fat coffee table dingo trying to catch his food.
    Problem is that human’s think they’re starving as dogs have becomes the replacement for humans in many instances, so must be overfed hence they become coffee tables.

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