Grey nomad lifestyle can be like a rolling soap opera

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Grey nomad lifestyle
Life on the road can resemble a soap opera

At times, the dramas that occur within Australia’s caravan parks and camping grounds are worthy of a soap opera script.

While the shenanigans of grey nomads may cause the odd raised eyebrow, it is when the summer hordes arrive that the action really kicks off.

It is no longer just generators or an overly loud Happy Hour that can cause sparks to fly, it might be an overly heated game of beach cricket, or a holiday romance gone wrong.

The Age newspaper recently threw the spotlight on the Surfside Holiday Park in Warrnambool, which it describes as becoming a mini city during the Christmas break.

Whereas the park, situated on a picturesque part of the coastal foreshore generally accommodates 200 people or so, during the summer holidays it becomes a thriving community of about 5000  campers.

Peter Abbott, the manager of tourism services for Warrnambool City Council, which owns and runs the park, told the Age that about 3500 people typically check in on Boxing Day.

“We sort of manage a small town that moves into our caravan park, so we need to manage everything from neighbours fighting over cricket games that have gone wrong to summer romances that have not quite worked out,” he said. “Usually in the second week of January, we start seeing the broken summer romances and you see a few teary teenagers sitting on picnic tables, wondering where it all went wrong.”

  • Have you seen dramas in a caravan park or camping area that would justify a ‘Home & Away’ storyline? Do you ever find yourself ‘observing’ other camper’s dramas? Comment below.

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  1. Just purchased a 2010 M3 Ovation Lowline Motorhome. The PROSTOR awning is concerning some concern, as it is rolling in on itself, causing creasing. Also it doesnt seem to ‘tuck in flush’ when rolled up as it seems to have a ‘lazy’ arm at the back of rv..It needs to be manually closed to eliminate risk of wind damage. Can anyone help?

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