Grey nomads urged to be patient over Easter period

Published: March 31, 2015

It’s that time of the year again! Along with Christmas, Easter is one of those big holiday times that make our camping areas – and our roads – a lot more crowded.

It’s a time when long-term travellers have to learn to share some of their ‘secret’ spots with young families, and they can perhaps expect a little more noise and a little more ‘excitement’ as both children and working parents let their hair down.

Caravan parks around the country are reporting solid bookings and, for ‘non-booked-ahead’ arrivals it could be a case of no room at the inn. It seems that even the traditional Easter site fee hike can do little to dampen the wider Australia public’s love affair with holiday camping.

It all translates to a very busy time on the roads with police urging drivers to be patient, to plan ahead and to leave plenty of time for their journeys. And with good reason. During the 2014 Easter long weekend 14 people died in car accidents across Australia.

In New South Wales,  Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander, Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, said all motorists needed to ensure they drove to the conditions.

“With the upcoming Easter period ahead of us, we want families to start planning their trips away in advance, to ensure they have adequate travel time and rest periods for the journey, so the break remains a relaxing one,” he said. “Those that continue to speed, drink or drug drive, are distracted by mobile phones, don’t wear seat belts or correct helmets, or are fatigued, are putting themselves, their passengers, and other road users at great risk.”

  • Where are you spending the Easter period? Will you be staying off the roads? Comment below.
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7 years ago

hi. the mad rush will be on again for a few days I reckon.
a good time to be camped at home for a few days.
some of my clan are away on weekend and my duties are pet sitting and feeding
that’s fine as far as im concerned

let all the workers have there time away with there mob, mates, etc


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