Happy New Year!

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Best wishes to all grey nomads for a happy, adventurous and fun-filled New Year.

We hope that 2012 will see you fulfill at least some of your travelling dreams and take you to new and exciting destinations, as well as seeing you meet some wonderful new friends.

As more and more of you take to the open road, the grey nomad experience is evolving and new challenges and new opportunities are being thrown up. In uncertain economic times, the contribution grey nomads make to the wellbeing of many rural communities has been increasingly acknowledged. While there has been some criticism in some quarters over the provision of the free and cut-price camping areas for self-contained travellers, many businesses are now more openly appreciative of the positive effect grey nomads have.

We can only hope that the coming year will see free and cut-price camping areas preserved, especially in Tasmania where a government review of their value is underway.

Whatever the outcome of this, and other grey-nomad related issues, you can be certain that www.thegreynomads.com.au will keep you informed and updated.

It has been an exciting year for us, with the successful launch of our free fortnightly newsletter, the Grey Nomad Times, as well as a period of ever-increasing visitor numbers. We hope that we have helped to make your on-the-road experience just a little more enjoyable.

The New Year will no doubt bring more excitement for those of you out there exploring this amazing country and hopefully for us at www.thegreynomads.com.au, as well. We plan to improve and upgrade the website in the coming months and to bring you more competitions, more stories and to put more resources at your disposal.

We look forward, as ever, to sharing the journey with you all.

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