Dingoes confront women walking near caravan park

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Dingoes at Hawks Nest
Photographer Louise Richards captured this image of a dingo 'thief' last November. PIC: Louise Richards / Great Lakes Advocate

Two women have been confronted by a pack of dingoes on a beach near a caravan park at Hawks Nest in New South Wales.

The News of the Area publication says wild dogs in the area have grown increasingly fearless after being fed by visitors at the van park.

The site reports that Courtney Webb and her mother Jann were taking their dog for a walk – and were only about 100 metres from the caravan park entrance to the beach – when four dingoes approached, with teeth bared.

“They were only five or seven metres away from me,” Courtney told the News of the Area. “Mum and I were screaming at the dingoes … I was kicking sand.”

The dingoes gradually retreated back into the dunes but followed close behind as the women took their dog back towards the track.

Courtney believes that ‘feeding the dingoes has created this problem, and while they have always been curious, this time they seemed unafraid of humans’.

The women say they have reported the incident to the police, Great Lakes Council and Jimmys Beach Caravan Park.

The Hawks Nest area has faced an ongoing problem with dingoes.

In November last year, nature photographer, Louise Richards, was shocked when a dingo took off with her shoe at Bennetts Beach at Hawks Nest … but she still managed to take a picture.

She told the Great Lakes Advocate that dingoes were often spotted strolling or playing along the beach, mainly in the early hours of daylight. She believed fish bait, left by anglers, along with other foodstuffs attracted the native dogs to the beach.

“Just keep your distance and don’t feed them,” she said.

And several years ago, a dingo was put down after it approached a 58-year-old woman sunbaking on Jimmys Beach and made off with a bag containing cash and jewellery. At the time Great Lakes Council’s Investigations and Prosecutions officer, Greg Pevitt, said dingoes in the area had been known to jump on the barbecues and eat food that was left by the people cooking, and to approach people on the beaches in an aggressive manner.

“We do have this type of problem on a regular basis where the Hawks Nest area is bordered by the National Parks to the south and to the Mungo Brush national park to the north,” he said. “The national parks have a breeding wild dog population and the parks can’t sustain the amount of dogs that continue to breed, so they stray out of the area onto private land.”

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3 Responses to Dingoes confront women walking near caravan park

  1. No problems with a dingo only with people’s fur babies who rush at you snarling and barking. For some reason the owners think the sign saying dogs must be kept on a leash at all times, doesn’t apply to them. Am think of buying a heavy walking stick to defend myself on our next trip away.

    • Try a stockwhip..works wonders

  2. They are NOT Dingoes,they are cross breed feral mongrels.

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