Motorhomer fined for not stopping at inspection bay

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Heavy vehicle inspection bay
Does that mean I have to stop ... or not? PIC: Owner Driver

Some grey nomads driving large rigs are not sure whether they are required to pull in at heavy vehicle inspection bays along certain roads … but it’s not a call you want to get wrong.

Motorhomer Kelvin John White, 52, of Ploughmans Lane, Orange, New South Wales, has just been hit in the hip pocket after being sentenced for not stopping at the bays when required to do so.

The Central Western Daily newspaper reports that the former trucker failed to pull his 8.7 tonne Isuzu motorhome into safety stations at Mt Boyce on the Great Western Highway or Mt White.

Magistrate David Day said White blissfully drove to the coast and up the mountains in a vehicle that’s ‘well and truly one that should go into the heavy vehicle safety station’.

“It requires a fine, he knows what a safety station looks like and he’s driving more than a small two-tonne Winnebago,” he said. “He doesn’t have infringement notices of this kind but he does have some infringements.”

According to the Central Western Daily, prosecuting solicitor Kim Rickard said the offences all related to the same modified vehicle, which White has been driving since 2012.

“Having modified it and driven it throughout New South Wales it previously had never been brought to his attention, it is required to divert with trucks,” Mr Rickard said.

White’s solicitor Paul Longhurst said it’s the first time his client has been in trouble for not stopping a heavy vehicle in a safety station.

“He’s driven heavy trucks for 30-odd years, in regard to his record there’s nothing serious in regard to heavy trucks,” Mr Longhurst said.  “Ignorance is not a defence but that’s what it is … he says he won’t do it again.”

White, who is currently travelling interstate, was fined $110 for each matter plus a total of $825 in prosecution costs.

There are nine Heavy Vehicle Safety Stations (HVSS) In New South Wales, with six of them requiring vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of over eight tonnes to enter, and three requiring vehicles with a GVM of greater than 4.5 tonnes to enter.

The HVSS are located at: Mt Boyce (Great Western Highway); Mt White (northbound and southbound on the M1 Motorway); Marulan (northbound and southbound on the Hume Highway; Twelve Mile Creek (Pacific Highway); Chinderah (Pacific Highway); Pine Creek (Pacific Highway); Halfway Creek (Pacific Highway); Bell (Bells Line of Road; and Kankool (New England Highway).

The Roads and Maritime Services says all heavy vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) greater than eight tonnes are required to enter a HVSS (except Chinderah, Pine Creek and Halfway Creek – 4.5 tonnes).

“These vehicles must enter a HVSS to ensure the vehicle meets safety and roadworthiness standards and that their drivers are complying with road transport laws,” it said. “Failing to enter a HVSS when directed and/or disobeying a ‘Trucks must enter’ sign may result in a fine.”

  • Do you pull in at heavy vehicle inspection bays? Are you unsure whether you are required to or not? Comment below.

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9 Responses to Motorhomer fined for not stopping at inspection bay

  1. Pulled in twice (5t Jayco Motorhome) at NSW 4.5 signed inspection stations. Waved on but stopped anyway and spoke to officers. Told “we have been instructed to not inspect you guys” I asked “what would happen if I dont pull in” told “Nothing, we would not chase you”

    • I have a converted 40ft bus and have been told exactly the same as you. But at weigh stations with drive through bays such as Mt White both directions Marullan both directions 12 mile Sth Bound. If you fail to go through it is photographed and goes straight to Sydney then you are summoned. The weighbridge operaters have no control over this action. I know this personally.

  2. We have pulled into same in our LWB Coaster, 4990 GVM but have always been waved thru.

  3. I have been instructed in WA that we have no right to pull into inspection bays as it was only for commercial vehicles not motor homes. One State it illegal to pull in and in others illegal not to pull in. I am confused.

  4. So this would apply to a tug and caravan with a GVM between 4.5 and 6 tonnes, on the stations listed.

    • No. That would be a gross combined mass GCM. This article refers to GVM, ie, the gross mass of the vehicle.

  5. I drive an F250. GVM 4532kg, Towing, CGVM 9000 kg. I would have to pull in, but do I need a Log Book?

    • Do you have a hc license???. Any thing 9 tone or more on the trailer and 19 meters in length you need a hc license. You wot need a log book cause your not over 12 tones gvm

  6. Gvm is your lead vehicle cvm is your towing vehicle.

    Btw old mate being a trucker for years should of known better. Im amazed he got off lightly.

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