‘Brrrrrrrrrrr! The NT isn’t supposed to be this cold!’

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Freezing weather in the north
A winter wonderland at Ross Park Primary School in Alice Springs. PIC: 9News

Grey nomads famously head north in search of winter warmth but, in recent days, many have been left wondering just how far north they have to go to find it!

Early yesterday, Darwin Airport dipped to 12.7C, its lowest temperature in eight years, while just to the east of Darwin, Middle Point’s 4.8C was its lowest temperature since 2001.

It was so cold in the Northern Territory that students at Ross Park Primary School in Alice Springs even got to see icicles forming on trees in the schoolyard. And Charleville in Central Queensland hit just 4 degrees yesterday.

However, grey nomads in the north can still be glad they pointed their rigs towards the tropics.

Yesterday, Hobart dropped to minus 0.2 degrees before 5am, making it the Tasmanian capital’s lowest temperature since 2013. It was also its third coldest morning in the last 20 years.

South Australia has also seen temperatures plummet well below zero. The Bureau of Meteorology said Monday’s low of -5.7C at Renmark, in the state’s Riverland, was the equal-second lowest temperature on record for the town.

Meteorologist Matthew Bass said it was the region’s sixth consecutive day below zero.

“Those sort of temperatures are not what we see very frequently in South Australia … It’s a very significant, severe low temperature.”

According to 9News, air from the Antarctic has been drawn over Australia by a series of active weather systems and these events are a legacy of that source area. Persistent high pressure has kept the air in place and the skies mostly clear.

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6 Responses to ‘Brrrrrrrrrrr! The NT isn’t supposed to be this cold!’

  1. We just returned home early after a month up in the Gulf country and have vowed to never travel in winter again.

    • “We just returned home early after a month up in the Gulf country and have vowed to never travel in winter again.”
      Good idea…and tell as many people as you can as its simply the best time and that means less traffic on the roads for us. 🙂

  2. We.are at Dundee Beach just below Darwin. We have the heater on in the morning and the aircon on in the afternoon. We have winter and summer all in one day.

  3. So much for the global warming scare 🙂

  4. We are currently in Wodonga in Victoria where our temperatures are ranging from -3 through to 17 by mid afternoon but next week we are being promised -3 up to 11 for the week. Thankfully the week after we are heading to Darwin for 10 weeks and hopefully the temps will be more consistent. However at 12.7 that is still far more desirable than -3

  5. The weather on Kangaroo Island has been so cold lately we have had to chip the ice off the windscreen prior to driving in the mornings.. Yep sure is cold at the moment down this way in South Australia! !

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