Two separate caravan accidents on the Kings Highway within hours of each other

Published: August 15, 2023

There have been two nasty caravan accidents in a matter of hours on a road recently named as the third worst in New South Wales in an NRMA survey.

In the first incident, which happened on Monday morning, police were called to the Kings Highway, Monga, following reports an SUV and caravan had crashed into a guard barrier.

At the scene, officers from Batemans Bay Traffic & Highway Patrol police spoke with the driver and passenger of a Toyota Prado which had crashed into the barrier, blocking traffic.

Then, less than four hours later, police were called to a second incident at virtually the same spot following reports that a caravan under tow had rolled.

At the scene, police spoke with the driver and passenger of a Toyota LandCruiser after their caravan rolled, blocking both lanes of traffic.

No injuries were reported to police at the time of either incident.

In both cases, police were assisted by NSW Rural Fire Service members in managing traffic flow, before a tow truck removed the caravan from the site.

A couple of months ago, an annual NRMA survey identified the Kings Highway as the third worst road in NSW. Of the record 28,292 votes cast naming 10,800 roads, the Kings Highway scored a total of 414 votes. Concerns for road safety and its general condition were the most common complaints.

  • Have you driven the Kings Highway recently? How did you find the road? Comment below.


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The biggest problem with the Kings Highway is impatient drivers. The highway is not a dual carriageway and with oncoming traffic there is often limited opportunities to overtake. If towing we pull over to let vehicles pass where we can. The road near Monga should not have presented any difficulties. Drive to conditions, leave space between vehicles and be patient, check your mirrors and pull over if you are blocking traffic.

Like any steep road should always be aware of how to control
Your vehicle and know what gears to use and always check caravan brakes and controller are working properly on that road there are a few pull off points I have had to stop at times to make sure the brakes are not overheating before I head further down the descent
Never rely solely on car brakes
If unsure of steep roads find another route whats a couple of extra hours you are on holidays
I have had to change directions a few times
Please all drive with care

The Kings Highway is superbly surfaced, signposted, policed and maintained.

It traverses a serious mountain range and incompetents and nervous Nellie’s need to stay away from it.

We travelled the road in January 23 towing a 21 foot caravan with a 200 series Landcruiser. We were very worried about using the road due to info received from others but nonetheless we did it! Nothing wrong with the road just the people not driving to the conditions and going way too fast. Was a lovely scenic drive.

Travel the kings highway regularly towing a 24’ van both ways, up and down. It’s called using your brain and watching your speed, brakes and gears are useful tools built in to all vehicles these days

Most of the problem is the ones driving automatics and relying on it instead of changing to manual mode and using the gears and not relying on just the brakes.

We need to have caravan towing school and taught what to do when winds hit your van and get the wobbles !! How to over take safely if need too . How to make sure your van is ready to be towed . I can’t believe we have testing for a truck and not for towing vans up to 25 ft long let’s get serious here …
That’s my opinion after living on the road full time for 6 yrs .,

I agree David, drive to the conditions we just drove with our van from Rolleston to Gayndah to Monto , my God , I have never driven on a road like it for a bitumen road. The Plenty was bad and the Gibb was terrible. But use your gears drive to the conditions. Safe travels

Regularly drive the Kings towing a van and the biggest problem is impatient Canberra drivers who in my opinion are to used to the roads of their territory (they don’t contribute to kings maintenance) and only drive country roads once a year and they think “it’s their hwy”

I drive the Kings regularly, and doing the speed limit, without a van, I have been passed by caravans! The road is fine, many drivers are not.

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