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Jaclyn and Heidi sporting
"I want to be part of the Broncos crowd"

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi,
My wife Nancy feared she would miss the grandkids way too much if we travelled long-term … and I struggled to persuade her to hit the road. That was a year ago, and she has taken to the Big Lap like a duck to water. She’s in regular contact with the family via Skype, email, Face­book and phone. The problem is that I desperately miss my sport. I’ve missed a whole season of seeing the Brisbane Broncos with my mates, I never play golf, and it looks like I’m going to miss my first Australia-England cricket match at the Gabba in decades. I’ll probably be stuck at some fly-infested bush camp when the first ball is bowled. Now, my wife’s excitedly plotting next year’s travel itinerary. My sporting exile might never end!

Sadly, I think you’ve rather made your own bed and you’re going to have to lie in it, Tim. If Nancy has had to cope without the daily cries of grandchil­dren, you’re going to have to cope without the weekly roar of the crowd. Take a leaf out of her book and use technology to keep in touch. There are some great sports websites around and you can get commentaries, see match highlights, and join forums to discuss the games.And you’ll be surprised how many other sports-starved grey nomads there are out there who might be happy to chat about the Broncos’ glorious past around a campfire. Don’t let your disappointment at missing out on one or two sports events spoil your Big Lap adventure. You can’t have your cake and eat it, Tim.

You sound like the biggest whingeing defeatist ever, Tim! I just hope our cricketers don’t take the field with the same ‘we’ve-lost-already’ attitude. Time to show some Aussie sporting spirit! What did Don Bradman, Alfie Langer, and Grant Hackett do when the chips were down? Dig deep, Tim! Get a map and help plan your itinerary. A long-term trip is a joyous opportunity, not a punishment. Get tickets for the tests in Perth or Adelaide, be in Birdsville for the races next year, get to the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, or the Australian Open tennis, plan to be in Tassie to see the climax of the Sydney-Hobart yacht race. Then ask your poor mates sit­ting at home in Brisbane who the lucky one is?


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